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Adam and Stephanie

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

75 days until the big day!

Our Story

If you're on this website reading this paragraph, it's likely that you're planning to take time out of your busy schedule to spend September 7th with us later this year. First and foremost, Steph and I want to say thank you. Whether you are flying thousands of miles to attend or simply driving up the road, we are grateful that you will be there, sharing such a special day with us, forever becoming part of our story. On that note, just how did "Our Story" come to be…

"Holy smokes, Gio! Look at this one!" It's the summer of 2021 in Chicago on a Saturday morning at a local breakfast spot, and I lean over and show (a future groomsman) my iPhone. On the screen is the dating app "Hinge" displaying the profile of a beautiful girl who I've never met. An eye-catching optometrist from the University of Illinois, she looks bright & fun, and reading her comments she's also witty & kind. It takes me 20 minutes and an extra cup of coffee to craft a message that might generate a response. Deep breath, "Send." I've officially "slid into the DMs."

It would take Steph three weeks to initially respond and let me know she might consider going on a date with me. It was summertime in Chicago, and I knew of no better place to attempt to court such a gorgeous and elusive prospect: Wrigley Field.

Sitting in the sun with a few ballpark hot dogs and cold beers, the Cubs pummeled the Cardinals 10-5 that afternoon, but we barely noticed, for we couldn't stop talking and laughing. Two strangers placed 21 rows up from the first-base line, trading stories of our friends, family, and our shared love of the ’97 Bulls & favorite Frank Sinatra songs. We talked about our nieces and nephews and how much we loved being aunts & uncles. I asked Steph questions about how she came to be an eye doctor and what her practice was like. She'd ask me about my sales career that took me around the country before landing in Chicago. At the end of the day, I'd ask to see her again in 48 hours to get sushi in Old Town. She agreed, and as we chatted that second date for hours on end again, it was obvious that something special was beginning. For it wasn't just the smell of raw mediocre sushi that filled that restaurant... love was in the air.

Since that summer, we've only grown to have a deeper respect and admiration for one another. This past Fall I asked Steph for forever, and she said yes. We are so excited to build a life together. Our favorite things to do are spend time with our friends and family, go back to Wrigley field every now and then, and take on adventures together, both big and small. As we "tie the knot" on September 7th 2024, thank you again for being there with us. Bring your dancing shoes and drink an extra cup of coffee, Steph and I are about to take on our biggest adventure of them all!